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Secure Document Viewing

Locally, regionally and globally, banks and financial institutions of all types and sizes generate vast quantities of documents which are often circulated and distributed world-wide. These organizations must constantly strive to keep up with their statutory obligations and adhere to increasing industry regulations regarding data security. They also need to store seemingly endless volumes of […]

Archiving and Audit

  Not many people in an organization enjoy an audit! It’s disruptive, time-consuming and stressful. For the workforce, there is little to be gained from an audit, except perhaps knowing that the archiving of records has been undertaken in accordance with regulations. But without a successful audit, firms can face severe penalties if records haven’t […]

Business – Uninterrupted

Business – Uninterrupted Business continuity is vital to every enterprise. And assured continuity only comes from a carefully structured data and corporate recovery strategy – often crafted by professionals and designed by specialists in their field. In it’s simplest sense, Cloud Disaster Recovery (Cloud DR) is a backup and restore strategy whereby an organization stores […]

ما لا تعرفه عن تقنية المسح الضوئي!

لا يدرك أهمية تقنية المسح الضوئي سوى المؤسسات التي ادركت قيمة التطوير والخروج من الإطار الروتيني الورقي القديم الذي يرهق كل العاملين به مما يؤدي لإنخفاض الإنتاجية لذلك بدأت تتجه كل المؤسسات التي لها دورة عمل لا تخلو من الأوراق والصور الى استخدام تقنية تقوم بمعالجة كل هذا الكم! ما هو المسح الضوئي؟   يشار […]

هل تطبيقات مايكروسوفت وحدها تكفي!

أغلب المؤسسات التي ترغب بتطبيق نظام إداري للمحتوى الخاص بها الكترونيًا على مستوى جميع مشروعاتها تلجأ اولاً لتطبيقات مايكروسوفت SharePoint و Office 365 على اعتقاد أنها ستقوم بكل المهام المطلوبة لكن لم تُحقق سوى 50% من المطلوب فقد قامت فقط بمعالجة النصوص والصور والفيديوهات على اكمل وجه ولكن كان التحدي الحقيقي للمحتوى كي يتم تحويله […]

Document capture, and why do I need to understand it?

The term ‘document capture’ – often referred to as simply ‘capture’  – is defined by The Association for Image and Information Management (AIIM) as: ‘covering the combined processes of document scanning, image correction, recognition of text, barcodes, form fields and output to an appropriate format for subsequent processing or archive storage.’ It’s rather long-winded, but […]

The Growing Value and Importance of ECM to SMEs

It will come as no surprise to learn that globally, SMEs are investing more and more financial and human resources in Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Market research by Fotopia shows that close to 15% of SMEs have strategies in place to bring ECM solutions online in the short term. Even more significant were results from […]

Fotopia: Moving beyond ECM

For organizations embarking on the process of installing an enterprise-wide Electronic Content Management system, investing in Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365 is only part of the solution. Yes, they feature all of the tools to help in managing text, image, and video files – however, a fully-functioning, easily-accessible ECM relies upon efficient collection, organization and visibility.