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Fotopia Viewer

Enter Fotopia Viewer — an exceptional document viewing solution for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365.

For many organizations that use an enterprise content management system a major drawback is the difficulty in accessing precise information exactly when it is needed. Corporate documents and images are invariably spread throughout an enterprise in various locations and repositories, making it complicated and time-consuming for users to find what they require. Not only is this inefficient, it can also lead to frustration within a valuable workforce trying to access the seemingly hidden information in order to do their jobs effectively.

The answer to this problem is to deploy a solution that allows the workforce to search, view, revise, and create documents on demand.

Fotopia Viewer allows users to access documents and images located anywhere within a secure, controlled environment; and thanks to the integrated Vector Graphics, even poor-quality documents will appear at the best-available resolution.

More than a basic viewer, Fotopia Viewer is a fully-integrated system that gives users a powerful store of precision tools to allow annotations, signatures, stamps, redactions, and notes to be securely added to files without altering or impacting on the primary document. This expands the scope of SharePoint’s already extensive functionality repertoire by radically improving the ability to collaborate with fellow users across the working environment.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Office365
Simultaneous Multiple Document Viewing
View and work on one or more documents at the same time – for improved functionality and efficiency.
Multiple File Formats
Supports a wide range of document and image file formats – providing exceptional functionality. Standard formats include PDF, TIFF, DOC and DOCX, EXCEL, PowerPoint, VISIO, PNG, JPG and BMP.
Document Navigation
Browse, scroll and navigate around documents and libraries quickly and easily – for faster process throughput.
Comments and Collaboration
Edit documents and images and add comments and notes without amending source documents or document security controls – improves collaboration and working efficiency.
Easily edit, add or remove annotations. Annotations can be in the form of a note, circle, line, ellipse, text, markup or highlight, with specific primitives such as thickness, color, opacity, fill, font size, shape resize, and positioning.
Create, select and edit stamps that can be configured with specific primitives, including font size, stamp shape, dimensions, stamp color and stroke size. Stamps can be saved for use on other documents. Specific stamps can be accessed by adding a stamp shortcut.
Intelligent indexing transforms the tedious process of manual document indexing into an efficient operation – enabling accurate and rapid searching, and saving costly time.
Zooming, Magnifying & Rotating
Zoom in and out of a page without annotations or notes becoming pixilated. Magnify selected areas of a document. Rotate documents easily and quickly with a one-click button.
Print and Export
Print or download documents with or without annotations, and share documents via email.
Zonal Encryption and Redaction
Selectively encrypt or redact sensitive sections (zones) within a document.
Image Enhancement
Enhance unclear documents or images effortlessly using the integrated image enhancement tools. This helps improve the overall clarity of any poor quality image or document.
Unlimited Resolution
Vector Graphics ensures pinpoint clarity – even obscure or faint documents are displayed at the highest resolution.

Plus Features for those who want to go an extra mile!

Same awesome features provided by  FOTOPIA viewer with the following additional plugins:

Point and Shoot Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Accurately convert scanned printed text or text images, as well as numbers and dates, into text ready for editing or copying using the optional OCR feature.
Scanning Module
Capture and view documents easily from within Viewer by adding the optional scanning module.
Direct Uploading to SharePoint
Upload documents directly to SharePoint and Office365 from within the application.
Re-Order Pages
Re-order document pages for improved overall productivity and performance.