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Fotopia Capture

Scan, Capture & Index Up to 50,000 Pages daily!

Why FOTOPIA Capture?

Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 have become synonymous with helping organizations improve knowledge sharing and collaborative work. Delivering the right took that help maximize effectiveness and productivity. While managing, storing and retrieving digital. Files with Fotopia Viewer is simplicity itself, the real challenges come with integrating the myriad of non-digital paper documents and images that organizations accumulate as a matter of course

In order to lift a basic ECM to a fully-fledged Document Management System, printed documents of every type contracts, correspondence, data sheets, records and the like — must be made available for e-search and retrieval.

Fotopia Capture is the answer. It has all the features and versatility needed to elevate a basic system to a truly productive ECM solution and has been designed from the ground up to reduce the significant time/cost barriers generally associated with storing, searching and distributing non-digitized paper documents.

Fotopia Capture is easy to use, and intuitive in the way that it brings non-digital documents or images into a SharePoint folder or library.

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Seamless Integration with Microsoft SharePoint & Office365
Plug n' Play Product offering seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Office365
Batch Scanning Module
Scan high volume batches of documents from various sources: Document Scanners, Desktop files, MFP/MFD, conventional fax, network folders and multi-location facilities.
Indexing Module
Allocate precise index, route and access-critical data and information – minimizing time taken to access specific documents or images, reducing errors and increasing productivity.
Batch Administration Module
Define, control, and organize the document capturing operation throughout an entire organization – allows users to configure appropriate settings group (Batch Class), easily check the number of documents or pages in a scanned batch, and identify documents that have not been indexed or exported.
Customizable Capture Workflow
Regulate & customize the Dcoument flow, Fotopia capture – ensures all documents are queued for review and monitors the progress status for each batch.
Integration with External Database
Supports OOTB database integration wizard for collecting indexing information from other business applications and external databases – speeds up the indexing process, reduces error, and ensures records integrity.
Profiling Scanner Settings
Scanning profiles gives you Greater throughput and user functionality with profile-customized scanner settings.
Auto Page Separation
Automatic separation of captured pages – for easily compiling documents based on differing criteria
Access Rights Management
Advanced level of security and workload management allows central control of user access to scanned documents, running batches, and specific batch classes. Also distributes workloads over multiple roles and enforces marker-checker (4-Eyes) principles for error-free operations and secured documents access.
Quality Assurance Module
Set a Quality assurance percentage in high volume scanning operations – ensures document quality before archiving or sending to process. Flag any image, document, or indexing attribute, or reject a batch for correcting errors with one click. Gadget board view feature for all pending or fixed issues per batch shows the status of any remaining workloads.
Export Module
Export documents to SharePoint and Office365 and automatically send documents to the appropriate existing archive or to new folders or locations.
Document and Page Manipulation
Multi-page document editing capabilities – append, insert, delete, or re-scan images into multi-page documents. Drag and drop images from one location to another, either within the same file or between different files.
Automatic Folder Structuring
Expand document imaging capability through automatic folder structure building based on content type and indexing data.
Global Attributes
Create global attributes containing master descriptive data for all documents in one batch.
Reporting Tools
A variety of reporting tools provide live data on work in progress and outstanding jobs.
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