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Fotopia products add enormous versatility to any SharePoint and Office 365 system. The powerful applications are designed so that users have the right took and resources to maximize the potential of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 technologies. Fotopia applications are built from the ground up to incorporate precise, efficient functionality. While they are easy-to-use productivity took, they have not been randomly put together to meet a short-term demand. Many hours of research and evaluation have resulted in Fotopia being best-in-class; capable of meeting and exceeding the demands of even the most stringent operational requirements.

A fully-integrated SharePoint and Office 365 document capturing application

Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 have become synonymous with helping organizations improve knowledge sharing and collaborative work; delivering the right tools that help maximize effectiveness and productivity. While managing, storing and retrieving digital files with Fotopia Viewer is simplicity itself, the real challenges come with integrating the myriad of non-digital paper documents and images that organizations accumulate as a matter of course. In order to lift a basic ECM to a fully-fledged document management system, printed documents of every type — contracts,

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An exceptional document viewing solution for SharePoint and Office 365

For many organizations that use an ECM system, accessing precise information exactly when it is needed is often a difficult and time-consuming task. In the real world, corporate documents and image files are frequently spread throughout an organization's network in various locations, making it complicated and tedious for users to find precisely what they require. Not only is this inefficient, it is also very frustrating for a costly workforce to endure.

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The power of FOTOPIA Capture with the magnificent functionality of FOTOPIA Viewer in one suite!

A fully-integrated view and capture solution that offers unbeatable performance and brings new meaning to the word efficiency; delivering functionality and ease of use, and enhancing productivity at every level. Unlike some competitors, Fotopia ‘View & Capture’ Suite was not created from a number of separate pieces of software. From the start, we designed the concept of a suite because we could see all of the advantages associated with a fully-integrated solution in term of seamless functionality, and we knew that’s exactly what our customers wanted.

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