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Secure Document Viewing

Locally, regionally and globally, banks and financial institutions of all types and sizes generate vast quantities of documents which are often circulated and distributed world-wide. These organizations must constantly strive to keep up with their statutory obligations and adhere to increasing industry regulations regarding data security. They also need to store seemingly endless volumes of data for longer periods of time.

However, never a day seems to pass without the press reporting an issue with data security in the financial services sector. And there is an endless stream of publicly-accessible articles highlighting the problems faced by major and minor financial institutions. It’s not surprising then that these organizations are super-sensitive when it comes to customer data and the security that surrounds it.

Documents in circulation come in any number of file formats, and given the close integration of institutions that have to handle any number of different or similar documents and data, there is a need for a highly secure document viewer solution that supports almost every document or image file type that may be in circulation. Fotopia Viewer enables users in highly regulated and secure workplaces to access files across various hardware platforms, allowing authorized users to view and utilize document and image files across multiple platforms, libraries and repositories, irrespective of file formats.

Fotopia Viewer integrates seamlessly into Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 ECM platforms, providing a viewing solution that is extremely reliable. And with financial regulators setting ever-higher standards of security, Fotopia Viewer not only meets the highest criteria, but surpasses them. The widest range of file types can be easily and securely accessed, viewed and processed while at the same time fully conforming to regulated data privacy standards, giving confidence to any organization’s compliance department.