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We are not a run-of-the-mill software developer. We are Fotopia, a company dedicated to excellence at every touch point.

The Fotopia product suite is the brainchild of a team of enthusiastic and hardworking ECM-focused industry professionals who came together to create, from the ground up, an innovative range of efficient document imaging solutions. What started as a bright idea has evolved into value-driven solutions that deliver outstanding performance and reliability, reinforced with full regulatory compliance.

Our pedigree

Our story starts in 1997, when our parent company, Win Group, began implementing multi-million dollar technology renewal and installation projects for large-scale corporate and government organizations. In time, the concept of dedicated productivity applications built around the very powerful Microsoft SharePoint platform developed. Today Fotopia exists as a stand-alone division with a suite of document capture and viewing applications that fully integrate with Microsoft’s SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365.

Win Group and Fotopia operate out of Dubai, and employ over 500 industry professionals in subsidiary and associate companies throughout the Middle East and Europe.

Expertise at every level

Fotopia employs a back-room team of software specialists and business analysts who are constantly exploring the potential of the latest SharePoint and Office 365 developments to ensure that Fotopia applications take advantage of any innovations and improvements. Customers also benefit from the enormously experienced front-of-house ECM business consultants and implementation engineers.

Fotopia applications are designed to ensure that users have the right tools and resources to enable them to maximize the investments they have made in Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 technologies.

What sets us apart?

Fotopia applications are built from the ground up to incorporate precise, efficient functionality. And while they are quick- and easy-to-use productivity tools, they are not something that has been randomly put together to meet a short-term demand. Many hours of research and evaluation in our R&D center have resulted in Fotopia being best-in-class; capable of meeting and exceeding the demands of even the most stringent operational requirements.

Importantly, we have established a business strategy that has the customer at its heart. We strive always to be efficient, productive, responsive, innovative, collaborative and agile. One way we have demonstrated this is in our licensing structure: unlike competitors, our license does not restrict users to specific numbers of scans — with Fotopia, users have unlimited scope to scan what is necessary for their business.

Fotopia goes a long way towards enabling organizations to achieve their full productivity potential.